Cal has interesting colouring and a beautiful complexion that suggests he might have some Polynesian or exotic blood in him but don’t be fooled by that sweet little face: this 5'6 twenty-one-year-old lad can turn into a tough little fighting machine in a matter of seconds.

Callum was born in Ireland and raised in England where he learned to look after himself on the streets of South London. He endured a four-year stint in the British Army which he says was tough as he became an easy target for trouble but he reflects that military life also helped him hone his self-defence skills to razor sharp levels.

Callum now channels all his extra energy into gym life and body sculpting and he makes his living training others. He loves a hot workout followed by hours (and hours) on his Xbox preferably with a fuck-buddy-girl-friend sucking on his penis. His non-PC, cheek of the devil attitude to life extends to the way he treats his customers: he recently, outrageously, offered a discount to an attractive female client for a blow job after each session for four months – what’s more she said yes. 

Readers who love body hair will be pleased to know that Cal is 100% a bush baby – he has no intention of removing one hair from his dark crotch; feet lovers will enjoy a delicious look at his tender pink soles, and it's fair to say Cal's cute little backside really is worth sending up fireworks about...

Cal and Erika

May 27, 2017 09:49
Time for some sex in the afternoon for two non-committed lovers Cal and Erika.

Man About the House

April 22, 2017 14:14
We return to Cal's flat immediately for a very relaxing lazy afternoon.

Meet Cal

April 9, 2017 07:23
Meet new recruit Callum – fresh out of the army and a fearless exhibitionist – for his first solo.

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