Bryan is the rugby buddy that Seth introduced to us in his back garden last week and who immediately caught the attention of our readers. Bryan is a loyal, fearless chap – Seth's partner in crime – and together these boys get up to all sorts of sexual mischief often roping in their rugby mates and their girlfriends; just have a listen to some of their antics in Seth's At Home update.

From a very early age Bryan put all his efforts into playing rugby but when he found he wasn't going to be the height and size for professional rugby (he was a very late developer) he decided to devote himself to working in the sports industry instead where he is very happy indeed.

Bryan loves the company and the camaraderie of his local rugby team but he also cherishes spending time alone (he's a keen birdwatcher) and his ultimate aim is to settle down and have a family and a cosy happy house. His main film (up next) is a frank and touching account of his teenage years and he pulls off a very squirty solo like a total natural.

The Graduate

July 3, 2016 09:05
Bryan is celebrating the end of his university degree course and pops a cork for us.

After the party...

May 29, 2016 11:08
Bryan tells us how last week's party went and about smooth operator Seth in a quick chat before his solo.

Focus on Bryan

May 28, 2016 13:28
Bryan's interview is both revealing and touching and his first solo seems to be a breeze for him.

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