Bradley was presented to us way back in 2006 in a portfolio of new models looking for work that included the young Paul Walker. Paul made his debut here at TFE and went on to establish a full-time career in the adult industry but a meeting with Bradley never got off the ground. His fiance brought the shutters down tout-de-suite because the couple were expecting their first child and it just seemed best to let this guy settle in to domesticity.

We've always held the torch for Bradley though and fast-forward another few years (seven to be precise) and the proud dad is finally looking for a few thrills again and his wife is looking for ways to augment the family budget.  With her man safely ensconsed within matrimonal bonds she is willing to share a little bit more of Bradley with the nation. Many of our punters adore a bit of Northern bluntness and we know you'll love getting to know our endomorphic, straight-talking Yorkshireman.


Bradley in the Studio

January 11, 2014 08:11
There's not one trimmed hair on Bradley's burley tattooed frame as he poses in his lifeguard uniform.

Appointment with Bradley

February 22, 2013 12:07
The deadpan delivery of a Northern comic and the piercing blue eyes and blond lashes of a pop star.

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