You may remember in Reece's introductory film that he said he had a friend who would be perfect for TFE and that we should take his number. So, after we filmed Reece's debut solo we went out for dinner and finally got to meet the adorable Bobby with his rosebud lips and strawberry blond fuzz on his chin.

It's always fun when you meet new models and they get their friends involved but Bobby is special. He says he had a tough start in life (he has eleven siblings) but we now know that the gods gave him a very special gift. 

Back to Bobby

December 5, 2020 09:05
Bobby arrives in the skinniest jeans he could find for his second shoot.

Bobby's Big Reveal

September 19, 2020 15:31
Reece's best buddy Bobby shows us why he's so popular with the ladies.

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