Billy is our fourth ex-soldier here at TFE and it seems he can't keep away from a warzone. He spends several months at a time in Afghanistan on various contracted projects and then flies back to the UK where you might say he is also a veteran performer in the adult entertainment industry.

You may have seen Billy looking bright-eyed and fresh-faced in the past but he is currently enjoying the Bradley Cooper rock star bear look. One of our readers suggested we do an in-depth feature on this charismatic chap and Billy was only too happy to invite our cameras into his own personal space.

Billy is an honest and open kinda guy; wears his heart on his sleeve and his life on his Twitter feed. He said it made a change to have a photographer that was interested in more than just a few token shots of him before moving exclusively onto the female performers.

We interview Billy on a Saturday afternoon in London after a very long lie-in (following a heavy night at the UK Porn Awards) and just before he is due to hold an all-night sex party with his close friends. One of the invited guests has arrived early: a twenty something budding adult actress who he clearly has an arrangement with. She is allowed to watch the shoot but will have to wait for Billy's full attention when her kinky boyfriend arrives in the evening and will jump into bed with both of them.

Billy's Weekender

November 3, 2018 15:21
We hang out with naked Billy as he showers and prepares for his own personal two-day orgy.

Meet Action Hero Billy

October 20, 2018 19:20
We share some very intimate moments at home with veteran adult film actor Billy.

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