When Kent lad Ash contacted us about modelling for the website he told us that he'd been engaged for seven years which made us think he must have proposed to his girlfriend in his mid-teens as he didn't look much older than twenty-one.

Ash says that the result of being faithful to one woman for so long has lead to intense sexual boredom, and now that the wedding has been cancelled, he simply wants to gorge on every sexual delight the web has to offer him.

The result has been an ongoing orgy of fun with some local women he's met on dating apps. He says that some of the more bizarre requests from kinky couples have completely changed the way he views the world. One couple tracked Ash down in his local pub and dragged him off to a nearby graveyard for a midnight cuckolding session.

His addiction is developing nicely and his tastes are varied: he tells us that he's the man who ticks every (straight) category of porn available when he's searching for something jolly to watch and consequently he's now looking to try out as many different scenarios on camera as possible.

Hello Young Swingers

June 29, 2019 06:30
Ash introduces us to his friend Hayley and we get to see the pair in action in this new film.

Meet Ash

May 10, 2019 23:15
Ash is the new boy on the modelling scene and he wants to push his boundaries.

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