Alfie works very hard on his creative projects and although he appears studious and serious he is actually a delicious mixture of mischief and innocence. Whilst standing in a shop queue with him we noticed a woman old enough to be his mother gazing longingly at the back of his neck but Alfie was completely oblivious to the wilting effect he was having on a total stranger.

How lovely to be nineteen, blond, blue-eyed and desirable and we say embrace the attention and make some money while you can but Alfie is not so sure his protective middle-class family would approve of him moving into more advanced duo projects so he quit the adult work after raising enough cash for a stupendous holiday travelling across the USA. Perhaps it's time for another holiday now Alfie??

Alfie's Attic Room

July 5, 2015 00:08
We are allowed up into Alfie's own personal space for some very personal time.

Alfie: Polished Up

May 17, 2015 14:28
An Alfie shoot from the archives (2011) in high resolution format; because he's worth it!

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