With a few recent TV programs focusing on the plight of young British farmers looking for love, we hoped it wouldn't be long before we ran into our own farm hand here at Full English. We've also been waiting ages for a chef to contact us with a view to modelling: in young Adam we have luckily found both.

Adam (23) grew up on his family's dairy farm, supplying one of the UK's major ice cream companies, and although he now works in the city, Adam remains a country boy at heart. He became a chef six years ago and works long hard hours; on a Saturday night he may not finish a shift until 2am. He says that after a typical day grafting in the kitchen there is only time for a shower, a bit of TV and a quick wank before he falls into a very deep sleep.

Adam didn't lose his virginity until he was eighteen and he has subsequently had a couple of quite serious relationships in fact we only managed to get him naked because he had just had an almighty row with the girlfriend and was feeling a bit rebellious. Adam loves the gym – when he can find the time to go – and he says that girls love his tight tummy and 'big cock'. And if you can't get enough of this sexy young man, you may be interested to know that Adam has an identical twin brother.

In the Pink

August 17, 2013 15:39
In this new solo Adam shows us a new trick or two that keeps him smiling on the (very rare) lonely night in.

The Main Course

May 11, 2013 15:21
Adam is the dish of the day and this horny chef knows how to serve up a mouthwatering spread.

Adam's Personal Album

May 10, 2013 15:43
Here is a privileged dip into Adam's own life and he's allowed us a glimpse of his handsome twin brother.

The Naked Chef

April 26, 2013 15:02
At last we find a naked chef who really does live up to his title: meet the adorable Adam.

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